Doll making online classes - Adele Po.

Doll making online classes

Doll making with Adele Po.

Have you always dreamed of a creative hobby, but felt stuck after the first try?

I’m here to help you. I created the three parts online course about doll making which will guide you until you’re confident with your achievements. Take an adventure and join me for doll making online classes. From the first steps of sculpting to the costume making. Photos, videos, and step by step guides to help you create an ART DOLL!

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What you’ll learn about doll making?

There are three courses available: SCULPTING, PAINTING, and COSTUME MAKING. From the very first lesson, you’ll be creating on your own with my step-by-step help. Each course contains beautiful pictures, convenient videos, and written instructions. Also, you get to ask me questions on a friendly Facebook group created specially for these classes. Let’s work on it together!

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I don’t wanna spoil the fun of being a very private community, so here are just a few things what my students are saying:

Doll making online class with Adele Po.

Doll making online class with Adele Po.

Doll making online class with Adele Po.


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This packed doll making course contains topics like:

  • Constructing the frame
  • Ultimate guide to sculpting the doll head
  • Designing the body
  • Secrets of sculpting the smallest parts
  • How to make a stand for your doll?
  • Variety of joint techniques
  • The art of blushing
  • Painting the eyes
  • Sewing patterns adaptation
  • Making shoes. What there is to know?
  • How beading makes the costume extraordinary?

And that’s just a small piece of what’s in there. Preview how the classes look like: “Anatomy and details”. Shall we get started?

doll making classes

Now when the “Doll making classes” successfully up and running, I can take a breath and provide you with more information about it!

➳ All lectures are written in “step-by-step guide” style. I think it’s the best way to let you create at your own pace. We all come here with different artistic backgrounds and experiences and I want everyone to feel comfortable in the creative process.

➳ Some of you had concerns that classes are live streaming, I can reassure you it’s not. Once you enrolled you have full control over the learning process. You can work at your own pace, anytime you like. Many of us have day jobs and the only time for a creative hobby is on weekends. And that’s OK! You’ll have lifetime access to the lessons. They don’t go anywhere anytime soon!

➳ If you’ll encounter any obstacles or want to ask me some questions, you’ll be able to do that in a private Facebook group and receive an answer within a day. Also, I’m planning to post mini-tutorials there for free!

➳ Here’s a preview to help you understand, what you can expect in these classes:

You can enroll here:

In these courses, I’ll show you how I made this doll!

doll making ooak doll


➳What prices I could expect?

Part 1. SCULPTING – 67$, Part 2. PAINTING – 26$, Part 3. COSTUME MAKING – 57$

➳Do I need to buy all parts at once?

No, you can buy all of them separately.

➳Will courses remain available after the launch, or this is a one-time deal?

Courses will be available after launch too, there’s no time limit.

➳What do I get?

More than 1000 pictures, written instructions, and 5 video lessons. There are more than 50 lectures in these classes! Also, you get daily consultations with me on the Facebook group I created specially for these classes. And that’s not all, the courses are full of bonuses and tips, for example, how to make a stand for your doll or tricks achieve symmetry, etc.

For an artistic soul who would love to create an art doll

adelepo-doll-artistAbout me:

Almost 4 years ago I became a part of the magical world of art dolls. My journey began in Vilnius art academy where I studied set design and puppet theater. While studying was a great adventure, in real life after a few plays as a set designer, I knew that this path is not for me so I plunged myself into interior dolls.

I can’t believe how this decision changed my life. Now I’m a full-time doll artist running a successful Etsy shop and creating custom orders for doll lovers all over the world. You can meet all of my dolls here:

I put all of my knowledge and secret techniques into these courses with an intention to make this form of art more accessible and captivating for an artistic soul who would love to create an art doll.