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    How a mentor can help you to become a better doll artist? + Q&A

    Do you know the feeling when you finish sculpting a doll and there’s something off with it? It looks good and you love it, but there’s this hunch deep down that something needs to be different. Is it a hair colour? Or the nose seems too low? You just can’t put a finger on it. The next usual thing to do is to ask a pair of fresh eyes to look at it. But who to ask? Mom always says: “Oh, I love it, honey!” Your significant other is not sure what to say, he loves your hobby, but not really knows anything about dolls. Facebook groups are full of people who are ready to comment on your photos, but they not always know how to critique your work, furthermore are more comfortable with smiley faces and compliments. This issue is so common. You wouldn’t believe it!

    How a mentor can help you to become a better doll artist? by Adele Po.

    Not every artist needs someone who could advise or show new techniques. There are many artists who love to invent their own approach. And that’s completely fine! Today I’m gonna talk about the other half. Artists who begin their journey and seek for guidance. I’ll show you how a mentor can help skyrocket your development as an artist or shorten the time you spend researching tutorials, reading articles and scrolling Pinterest. The time you can spend sculpting your dolls and become a better doll artist!

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    Get there faster

    Do you have a certain goal in mind? A mentor could shorten the time you get there. Sometimes even years! The mentor helps to spark your desire to become better at what you do sharing useful tips and supporting you along the way.  Because we tend to learn from our mistakes it takes such a long time to become a better doll artist or even a professional. Finding the mistakes, analysing them and trying to prevent them in the future takes a lot of practice. But the person who guides you along the way will help with that!

    How a mentor can help you to become a better doll artist? by Adele Po.

    Stay on the path

    From time to time we all have problems with procrastinating. It’s not a big deal if it’s on rare occasions. But sometimes you might need a gentle push to start working. There’s nothing worse than procrastinating over a project for weeks and feeling guilty about it all the time. If you have a person who expects your update about a project, let’s say once a week, you most likely will do the work. It’s proven that deadlines and being committed to other people will increase your productivity. If you recognize yourself here, a mentor might be the best thing keeping you on the track of becoming a better doll artist.

    Have someone to talk to

    Even though there are a lot of doll artists all over the world it still is not a very popular form of art. Sometimes you just need to talk with someone who understands the struggle. Yet Facebook groups are not always the option. There are a lot of sensitive areas you don’t want to talk about in public. For example doll business, difficult clients, copycats, money, etc. A mentor could be that person who listens and points you to the right direction.


    How a mentor can help you to become a better doll artist? by Adele Po.

    These two comments from my lovely students inspired me to talk more about helping each other. It’s incredible how important it is to have someone to talk to!


    I want to end this post with a quote from the article that inspired me to talk about this here. “The artist who has an art mentor will be miles ahead on their art journey in overcoming the challenges in achieving their goals at a more rapid growth.” I couldn’t say it any better. Let me know if you have a mentor. If not, how you overcome the issues along the way. Let’s help each other to become a better doll artist!

    Do you want to have a mentor? Click here!

    Also, I’m hosting a Q&A on my Facebook page. You can ask me any doll related question and I’ll answer it in a timely matter. My quest here is to help you become a better doll artist, so ask me anything that’s bothering you! You’ll find the Q&A post is here.

    Handmade OOAK art dolls by Adele Po.

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