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    5 the most engaging online classes for crafters

    The most engaging online classes for crafters. By Adele Po.

    If you’ve been around here before, you may know that I’m a huge fan of online learning. I’ve been doing a lot of research on online classes for crafters, because I’ve launched my own doll making online class recently. It’s going great, I still talk with my students, check in how they’ve been and answer their questions. But we all do that at our own pace and when we have time. I think that’s one of the biggest advantages of online learning. Having an ability to incorporate some classes between work, family, friends and other activities. And you don’t even need to leave your house! I think this scenario works the best for crafters. You could start a short project after work or unwind over the weekends. Having a hobby and learning something new every time, what could be better?

    Here’s 5 most interesting online classes for crafters I found:

    1. Scrapbook Your Story by LAIN EHMANN

    The most engaging online classes for crafters - Scrapbook Your Story by LAIN EHMANN

    Scrapbooking is maybe the most fun way to preserve your memories. In these classes you’ll learn everything about scrapbooking process and how to capture your authentic life in a beautiful way. Don’t let old photos mold in the boxes, create your story instead!

    2. Hand Lettering 101 by ANNICA LYDENBERG

    Most interesting online classes for crafters - Hand Lettering 101 by ANNICA LYDENBERG

    Do you ever wanted to have a beautiful handwrite? Or maybe create your own fonts for cards and “Thank you” notes? I know I do. I’ve been practising hand lettering in my bullet journal, but having a teacher and online classes dedicated for that is much better that practicing your own. In these classes you’ll learn not just about tools and techniques, but you’ll be able to create your own type compositions and develop cool typography styles.

    3. Handmade soap by LINDSEY STONE

    The most engaging online classes for crafters - Handmade soap by Lindsey Stone

    I feel like handmade soap is so popular that a lot of crafters already know how to do this. But… Oh well, it doesn’t make these classes less cool! Learn how to make your own handmade soap from start to finish. And I’m talking about materials, techniques and even packaging. Wouldn’t that be a perfect gift for your friends on Christmas? The biggest advantage of this class is that it’s just 24 minutes long. Perfect project for the weekend, huh?

    4. Knit Maker 101 by VICKIE HOWELL

    Interesting online classes for crafters - Knit Maker 101 by VICKIE HOWELL

    I know it’s still summer out there, but I’m already imagining how comfy it would feel to snuggle on the sofa and knit a scarf for yourself while listening to autumn rain outside the window. Ahh I almost smell hot chocolate too, haha. So if you’ve ever wanted to learn to knit, this is your chance. Here you’ll learn everything you need to find inspiration for your projects, choose your supplies, and start knitting the basics like phone cosies, scarves, and beanies.

    5. Craft Photography Fundamentals by CANDICE STRINGHAM

    Interesting online classes for crafters - Craft Photography Fundamentals by CANDICE STRINGHAM

    I think this is one of the most practical online classes for crafters. I bet you already share your creations on social media. If you’re in handmade business then it’s a must. I love that majority lessons in this class is about taking amazing pictures with your iPhone. You’ll learn a lot of useful things about composition, backdrops, lighting and developing your style. Almost 7000 happy students already seeing the results!

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