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Miniature art doll shoe tutorial by Adele Po. www.adelepo.com
Doll making series

Miniature art doll shoes tutorial

In my “Doll making classes” I promised I’ll make more free tutorials about bits and pieces, I didn’t cover there. For example, in costume making class I talked about one kind of shoes, but there are so many types…

2016 Dolls

Art doll – Duchess of White Rose Castle

If you have been around here before, you know that all of my art dolls have a story to tell. This one is not an exception. I had an image in my mind of this divergent and colourful creature in a white room. So…

Behind the scenes

How to decorate your home with dolls?

Even though my doll artist career started just recently, I heard a lot of people saying: I really enjoy your dolls, but I can’t imagine having one in my home. Well, my goal isn’t to force you into getting one, but…

2015 Dolls


Like a mysterious nymph she is slowly walking under October twilight and searching for the last remaining herbs. The woodland paths are dry and the trees are in their autumn beauty. Hilda is dedicated herbalist with cupboards full of…

2015 Dolls

Sleeping beauty

In a magical place where not a sound was to be heard and nothing moved except for the clocks, there was this girl. She was laying on the bed surrounded by bindweeds and flowers. This girl was so beautiful…

2015 Dolls

Dream catcher

Night air is filled with dreams both good and bad. This doll catches the dreams as they flow by. The good dreams are slipping through the holes and slide down on the soft feathers. The bad dreams get tangled…

2014 Dolls

Lady with the dog

Magical childhood memory: it’s the time when mother’s dresses and shoes are the most incredible things, strawberry jam and cotton candy are the most delicious food, and the plush doggy is the best friend for life. This lady with…