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2015 Dolls

“Thank you” angels

Say thank you in a unique way with these little soft angels. Placed on a window sill or shelf, little thank you angels will make lovely memories of special times together. Angels always been a symbol of love, purity…

2015 Dolls


Like a mysterious nymph she is slowly walking under October twilight and searching for the last remaining herbs. The woodland paths are dry and the trees are in their autumn beauty. Hilda is dedicated herbalist with cupboards full of…

2015 Dolls

Sleeping beauty

In a magical place where not a sound was to be heard and nothing moved except for the clocks, there was this girl. She was laying on the bed surrounded by bindweeds and flowers. This girl was so beautiful…

2015 Dolls

Dream catcher

Night air is filled with dreams both good and bad. This doll catches the dreams as they flow by. The good dreams are slipping through the holes and slide down on the soft feathers. The bad dreams get tangled…