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2015 Dolls

Dream catcher

Night air is filled with dreams both good and bad. This doll catches the dreams as they flow by. The good dreams are slipping through the holes and slide down on the soft feathers. The bad dreams get tangled…

2015 Dolls


This art doll is really special. She is revival after long winter. Like a warm rain thrumming on our rooftops, Lili just spread life and joy. Soft spring watercolour symbolises growth and harmony. She projects an image of freshness…

2014 Dolls

Art dolls | Sisters

Three sisters were inspired by popular triple deity mythological model. I chose three roman goddesses responsible of fate. I wanted to avoid cliches in their appearance, so there is only a little touch from those legends. Art dolls Nona,…

2014 Dolls


It was a chilly August day and I caught myself thinking – summer is about to end soon. It’s so hard to say goodbye to summer: longer days, sunny skies and endless adventures. You can just feel general laziness in a good way. I…

2014 Dolls

Lady with the dog

Magical childhood memory: it’s the time when mother’s dresses and shoes are the most incredible things, strawberry jam and cotton candy are the most delicious food, and the plush doggy is the best friend for life. This lady with…