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Doll making series

Take an adventure and join me for doll making series. First steps of sculpting, the best materials to use and costume making. Learn and be inspired!


Carved hands for art doll, by Adele Po.

How do I paint my dolls? - By Adele Po.
Doll making series

How do I paint my dolls?

Do you ever get this feeling, when you have a beautifully sculpted doll in your hands and you’re afraid to ruin it with paints? At the beginning of my doll making journey, I’ve been getting this a lot. It’s so…

Miniature art doll shoe tutorial by Adele Po.
Doll making series

Miniature art doll shoes tutorial

In my “Doll making classes” I promised I’ll make more free tutorials about bits and pieces, I didn’t cover there. For example, in costume making class I talked about one kind of shoes, but there are so many types…