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Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

How I plan my time? Bullet-journal method

For a long time I was planning everything in my head which today seems absolutely crazy. But at that time this method somehow worked. With occasional reminders on my phone or notebook, I've managed to keep everything on track. But with my…

Behind the scenes

Inspiring people: Domantė Nalivaikaitė

Last week I was helping a friend with a photography task for her studies. As a model. Every time when someone asks to photograph me I imagine that awkward feeling and confused voices in my head: where should I…

Behind the scenes Creative business

Being your own boss.

Being your own boss is a very tempting idea. All that flexibility to organise your own working hours and make the decisions. But is it enough to have an idea and take a risk? Sometimes starting your own business isn’t as…

Behind the scenes

Stories behind my dolls

From the first doll I made about three years ago, till now, I always like to think that there are two equally important things here: doll appearance and story behind her. I can’t stress enough how empty could look…