Lagertha - art doll inspired by "Vikings" TV series - Adele Po.
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Lagertha – art doll inspired by “Vikings” TV series

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One of a kind art doll – Lagertha

I never thought I’d create a doll based on a TV series character. I think in the art world it’s considered “less art”, ha ha. So when I received a message containing this idea, my immediate reaction was “Hell, no!”. But my apprehension was left unspoken and I decided to watch the first two series and make some research about this mystique viking shieldmaiden – Lagertha. After two series followed two more and I felt a little bit ashamed of my false prejudice. I was charmed with all historically accurate details, beautiful scenery, costumes, actors and fascinating characters. At the same time I felt challenged. How could I transmit Lagertha’s complexity with my artistic style? I knew it wouldn’t be a fan art. I wanted to create something in between.

In the middle of the first season I started to sculpt the body. At the same time doing my research on Lagertha’s costumes, weapons, character versatilities. Sunned by all the possibilities I kept working and of course watching the show! The main headache was to find the way to show many sides of the character: warrior and earl, delicate woman and fierce creature, thoughtful mind and dangerous eyes. So many sides in one little doll!

In the second season I still admired every detail of the show. Hairstyles, make-up, even accents of the actors. I’m a sucker for that. When my doll already had a body I decided to go after those details! This decision dotted all i’s and crossed all t’s. The peculiarity of the doll reveals how complex this character is.

After the third season the doll wasn’t completed yet. Managing my Etsy shop and other orders left me with little or no time for Lagertha. Now I realise it was a good thing. Looking at her every day and rethinking all the technicalities was a necessity for it to become one of the best creations I’ve made recently.

Now, in the middle of the fourth season, the doll is finished. Like all of my dolls Lagertha has a story to tell. However this time the story isn’t just about the doll, but about the inspiration and the lasting ideas these series gave me.

Lagertha’s long hair was ruffling in the wind. Dirt, blood and even death at the peak of the combat couldn’t mask her stinging femininity. Dazzling bravery in a delicate body caught enemy off guard every time. She knew that and enjoyed it. Power is dangerous. These are the words of the gods. But that power, that danger, is everything. “If you dream of danger, you may awake to death. I’m here not to change my fate. The gods have already have written my story. Victory or Valhalla.”

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Handmade OOAK art dolls by Adele Po.

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