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How to decorate your home with dolls?

how to decorate your home with dollsEven though my doll artist career started just recently, I heard a lot of people saying: I really enjoy your dolls, but I can’t imagine having one in my home. Well, my goal isn’t to force you into getting one, but I want to show you that we can incorporate art dolls into our home interior very easily. And even avoid being creepy! Of course art dolls have a lot more character than a candle or a nice vase, but we can make this into advantage and brighten your home interior in a wink. So without further ado, lets dive into some quick tips to help you befriend art dolls.

Best places for art dolls

If you’re not a collector then art doll doesn’t have to be the most important decorative item at home. There are a few places where dolls look at their best and don’t attract all the attention to themselves.


shelves one of the best places to put art dollsWell, this one is kind of obvious, but shelves really are one of the best places to put your art dolls. Pare them with other lovely items which already are there. I love the idea of my friend Domante, to create a theme for some of your shelves. Swimmer doll could look amazing with your summer memories!

Coffee table

Coffee table for art dollsAlthough art dolls are handmade pieces of art, you don’t have to treat them like usual art. Depending on a doll type you have, coffee table might an excellent choice to place it on. This maybe the one thing I love the most about art dolls. They don’t oblige you to prepare a special place for them. Magazine rack will do just fine!

Dining table

Art dolls on the dining tableFlowers or candles look ordinary on a dining table. But what about other decorations? I love when people make arrangements and bouquets of flowers and vegetables, put wooden tray with fruits and spread a tablecloth. With that idea in mind I made a composition of two lavender dolls and porcelain plate. They smell like lavenders so it’s almost the same as having flowers in a vase, ha ha. There are no limits here, let your imagination fly!

Bedside cabinet

bedside cabinet and dollsDoll lovers will know that owning a doll is almost like having a mascot. Artist put the best energy and positive thoughts while creating it, so the new owner could feel the handmade warmth in it. If you’re a fan of this kind of positive thinking, you might like the idea of having little dolly on your bedside table. Liven those book racks with little angel or calming lavender doll!

Blend art dolls into your interior

I have a few more tips on how to incorporate dollies into your home. I think the most important part, after finding the best place, is to combine them with other decorative items at home. Your doll will look at its best if it won’t be alone!


plantsPlants are such versatile decoration. I love having some at home. If you follow my work you might’ve already noticed that plants show up in my dolls pictures quite often. They look so good together! If you own some handmade planters that’s even better.

Rustic items

rusticVintage items compliment even the most modern interior. Owners of a historical looking doll can pair it with some vintage posters, jewellery boxes and other decorative items. I imagine that you can create an island where every item has a story to tell.

Small things

small thingsEvery decorative thing liven up your home, but what I love about small things that you can change their arrangement every day. Match them with small dolls and play the redesigning game whenever you want. Handmade candles, home fragrances, photo frames, vases, other decorative accessories, you name it, everything works well together. Don’t be afraid to experiment and discover what works for you and your home.

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Handmade OOAK art dolls by Adele Po.

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