Inspiring people: Domantė Nalivaikaitė - Adele Po.
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Inspiring people: Domantė Nalivaikaitė

Last week I was helping a friend with a photography task for her studies. As a model. Every time when someone asks to photograph me I imagine that awkward feeling and confused voices in my head: where should I look? Does my face look normal? What the hell should I do with my hands? But this time was somehow different. I was sitting there, looking at her behind the camera and thinking: why this feels so normal? And I guess people who inspires you have that effect. I trusted her completely and working together was a blast.

adele-po-photoshootInspiring people are essential for creatives. Talking to them, sharing ideas, reading about them works like a battery charger. They provoke us to take actions and boost our motivation. For that reason I’m starting a new erratic series about people who inspire me.

inspirin-people-domante-nalivaikaiteSo delicate and fragile, Domantė has unforgettable style in everything what she does: design, photography, clothing and even lifestyle. Every time looking through her pictures makes me adore of how she sees the world. Minimalistic approach in her photos and graphic works nearly have a calming effect. Quiet girls with whitest skin, paused time in nature and thin pencil line. There is nothing fake here. It looks like everything is going super slow and silent. I love that unvoiced melancholy. We even joked about that many times. People constantly asking her:

– Domantė, why are you so sad?

– I’m not. It’s just my face.

 I love it! I don’t know why so many people are still afraid of being gloomy or experiencing melancholy. But I guess this is a discussion for another time.



I know Domantė for quite some time now. Seeing how she grows as an artist, observing more and more refine ideas is absolutely intriguing. I always find myself following those people stories who just starting they path. Witnessing how much effort they put to reach their dreams resonates with me in some way. Maybe because I can relate? In Domantė’s works everything looks in order and cleared of unnecessary details, but really natural too. Like it’s just happened. At first I thought that every photo or artwork is measured to the smallest parts. But her artistic processes are somewhat chaotic. It looks like she creates at the heartbeat. If it’s graphic work, the original idea changes in creative process and adapts to the moment. If it’s photography, she relies on impulses and tries to feel that particular minute. Naturally, inspiration necessary here. But modern artist not always has the luxury to create when the vision kicks in. Hard work is always the key.

domante-nalivaikaite-photographyWhen I was studying at art academy we were encouraged to be expressive and stay bold. A lot of people in my environment, who are great artists, chose this pathway and established vivid or even dramatic style. But Domantė finds her own way to be meaningful while barely touching the paper with her pencil. Thin line and graphic forms are distinctive features of Domantė’s art. I think I learned a lot from her of how to present my work without irrelevant clutter.

domante-nalivaikaite-artdomante-art-graphicEven inspiring people have people who inspire them. Ha ha. So I asked Domantė to list artists, writers, musicians, etc. who affect and influence her. Of course it’s hard to fit all the inspirations in just a few people, but some of the most prominent are multi-talent Keaton Henson, Marina Gonzalez Eme and her drawings, illustrators Hsiao Ron – Cheng and Langdon Graves, drawings of Robert Del Naja (from Massive Attack), expressiveness of Egon Schiele. Photographers Sally Man, Lillian Bassman, Tim Walker and more classical ones: A. Sutkus, V. Luckus. Movies of Wes Anderson, Lynne Ramsay and Jim Jarmusch’s aesthetics. Different types of music and experimental projects: group HTRK, Fever Ray, Andy Stott, La Femme, Moderat, Tropic of Cancer. Writers Alessandro Baricco, Jonathan Saffran Foer and his astonishing work “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close”. And many more! Domantė said that even in music and other forms of art she seeks great visual content as well. Artworks, visible side of performance are critical part of musicians image too.

Artist always looks for details close to him. There are so many inspiring things in everydays life. Maybe it’s a friend in art academy sitting next to you or captured glare from a stranger walking down the street. All those small things remain in the memory and come out when you expect it the least. She added: “It’s so important to find conversations, other people actions or thoughts you can relate with. Watching how they find their unique way to see, feel and present concepts fascinates me. I admire when people take the liberty to be free and remain themselves.” 


Double expo, Domantė Nalivaikaitė + Kristina Kupstienė

domante-photographySometimes it’s easy to forget how beautiful the gift of life is. Inspiration comes from unexpected places. Just look around! You don’t have to be joyfully looking for flowers and butterflies. There are more than this. If I’d have to choose one thing to tell you about Domantė, my topic would be – beauty and ability to notice it. Not that magazines polished beauty, but more odd and individual one. Beauty lies in peculiar places, even in bizarre corners. Here you don’t have to worry about black circles under your eyes or not perfect hair. You just have to learn to really see it and appreciate it.


You can find Domantė’s works here:


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