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Behind the scenes

Stories behind my dolls


From the first doll I made about three years ago, till now, I always like to think that there are two equally important things here: doll appearance and story behind her. I can’t stress enough how empty could look art without a message. Even if this message is just for one person receiving the doll. I wanted to share my favourite stories behind my dolls. Which one is your favourite?



This doll has almost magical story. When I was visiting grandma, me and my mom went for a walk in the woods. It was autumn. When we entered the forest the first thing we saw was all those skeletons of the leaves. Delicate and translucent bundle of veins. All forest was blanketed of what was left after the process of decay and hungry insects. And you can feel that forest is in its’ winter sleep already. It was a remarkable scene.



This doll is all about friendship. She is a gift from one friend to another to celebrate friendship. These women were friends during childhood, but then life happened and relations broke down. After a few decades they found each other again, despite that they were living in different countries, had no contact info and, my guess, didn’t know marriages changed their last names. This doll is born from friendship happiness, sincere dedication and the best feelings for that person, who you can call true friend. This was almost movie like story.



Nighttime always fascinates me. On many occasions  it was an inspiration for my dolls. This time I chose mystical element of the night – dreamcatcher. Before I made this doll, I was reading a lot of native american legends about dreams. Even though each tribe developed their own relationships with dream time, that sacred attitude to dreams hooked me. I wanted to find that magical touch I needed for my doll. Dreamcatcher was a perfect fit. I hope that this doll catches and stops bad dreams as they flow for their new owner.



I wasn’t a big fan of religious legends, but when I stumbled upon this legend I had to put it in one of my dolls. According to legend, after being martyred, ravens protected St. Vincent’s of Saragossa body from being devoured by vultures, until his followers could bury the body. And even then his grave was guarded by flocks of ravens. I was carried away by this almost gothic legend and my mind momentally composed this interpretation of one of the ravens.

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