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How do you cope with artist block?

If you’re an artist or other creative person, you probably face an artist block every once in a while. It could be super annoying, especially if you’re working full time and you rely on your creativity to pay the bills. Well, what if I say that you could change all this by simply adjusting your attitude? Lets look over some solutions when you are feeling stuck.



Sometimes we get trapped by our own thinking. Familiar environment, the same people and… the same you. All that consist into a routine, but not a good one. For this solution is pretty simple. Take the time and go somewhere new, talk to new people, let yourself to disagree and find the alternative point of view. Maybe you’re working in the way that isn’t the best fit with your creative process? Review your schedule, and find the most irritating things in there and learn a new system for dealing with them. Just one sidestep from your usual work routine could be extremely helpful.


Creativity could be intense. It could be exhausting mentally and physically, particularly if you’re working long hours or worrying about deadlines. Try to find some time to relax and not to think about work just for a day. It sounds super easy, but if you’re perfectionist like me, all those hours off could look like a waste of time. But believe me, you need some time just for yourself. If you could manage to turn that time into something useful, like work out, read a book or go to see a play, it’s even better!


Even in a creative job there’re tasks that don’t require your creative mind. When I feel stuck, I still make myself get up and find something to do, usually it’s one of a “dirty jobs”: making molds, polishing new piece or painting dolls’ parts. Funny thing is that almost every time I get inspired by the process and find myself thinking about new ideas.


Planning and scheduling doesn’t mean that you limit your creative freedom. I find that every time I plan my day or make a to do list, I get better results. It’s easier to accomplish your goals when you see all your day written down. For me self-discipline is one of the best solution for artist block. When you know how to control yourself and your mind, you understand that it’s all in your hands!

How do you fight with overwhelming feeling of being stuck?

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